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Keeping Your Data Safe Online

The internet and digital technology help us live our lives more easily however, they also pose certain dangers. Data breaches continue to grow and both individuals and businesses are concerned about keeping their personal data secure online. The best way to secure your information is to keep it as private as you can.

In the ideal scenario, your data should only be accessible to people who require it for business reasons. It is also a good idea to over here, we explain the importance of a well-structured data room have a backup of your data in the event that it is stolen or damaged. Make sure you back up your files regularly and keep them in a different location than your main workplace. In the event of a break-in or fire, this will to minimize the risk of losing your data.

Another tip is to only share information you require. For example, if someone requires access to three company files, do not send them all of them. Accessing more files increases the likelihood that your data could fall into the wrong hands in the case of a data leak or breach. Make sure that you have devices that block unauthorised editing. For instance when you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet There are programs that prevent any modifications being made to the numbers which could prevent malicious or accidental changes and ensure that the figures remain precise.

Maintain your software up-to-date and be aware of the security settings on your devices. For example when you’re participating in a virtual meeting be aware of the settings on your screen sharing, since it can show anyone who is looking at your device what’s on it including open tabs or documents.

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